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Hip Hop as an Art: Notes on Tracklisting

– The tracklisting of an album is very important. Do not put it off to the 11th hour. Take your time while setting it up. In fact if you have … Continue reading

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Hip Hop as an Art Form: Scat Singing is not for Hip Hop – The Jazz link

Scat singing is not for everyone, most can’t get the syllables and tempo right which messes the lead on lyrics. Only a few can keep it harmonic. Yes, it adds … Continue reading

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Hip Hop as an Art Form: The relationship between artist and fan.

A fan should never feel entitled to artists’ music and artists shouldn’t feel indebted to their fans’ support.

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Hip Hop as an Art Form: Live Performance

If I was a promoter and you give the music director a full track for you performance I wouldn’t book you again. There are people who go to a concert, … Continue reading

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#HipHopLekgotla: Rappers’ new year’s resolutions

@Una_Ramses As a writer (which likes to believe, he is a hip hop activist) and a former rap group member-cum-manager, I got/get to see the strengths and weaknesses of rappers … Continue reading

January 16, 2015 · 1 Comment

#HipHopLekgotla: 5 Lessons from the Stash.

@Una_Ramses Jay Stash, the first thing that comes to mind from a mention of his name, is beef. In the early and mid-2000s, Jay Stash was known for being the … Continue reading

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#HipHopLekgotla: Do I accept New Age Kwaito as Hip Hop?

@Una_Ramses Growing up, I had no sense of confidence at all and the only thing I was mainly good at was to find comfort in being under a friend’s shadow, … Continue reading

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#HipHopLekgotla: Civicism and Hip Hop

@Una_Ramses No pain, no gain/ Be true to your culture/ Be aware of the vultures/ Remember where you come from/ Representing MP to the fullest/ I show you how to … Continue reading

November 11, 2014 · Leave a comment

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